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We make the Complex Convenient when it comes to Buying Research Reagents.

Research Reagents are key tools in Life Science Research due to their high specificity and affinity. Antibodies for example have been engineered for use in a broad range of assays that quantitate, localize or modulate the activity of drug targets. With millions of reagents available, scientists face the challenge of finding and ordering the right product for their respective research project. We are offering the best products out there against more than 90,000 targets, from >2000 species, for >300 applications. is a true Single Source when working on the protein level and we continue to build an exclusive and unique line of products at the cutting edge of science.

Vision: To be an invaluable partner to the life science community advancing the development and delivery of therapies and diagnostics worldwide.

Mission: Continually refine our scientific expertise and operational excellence to develop and deliver fit-for-purpose products, from antibody-based tools to biologic critical reagents, that drive basic and applied research forward.

Fast Facts

Antibody Experts
PhDs with extensive bench experience and antibody knowhow at your disposal for product recommendations and protocol optimization
15+ years of Serving Science
Since 2006 antibodies-online serves Scientists and Research Institutions around the globe.
Aachen, Germany
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Countries shipped to
Catalogued Product Data
>4 m products
Analyzed Product Data
>1 m Validation Images
> 500k publications
Supplier under Management
Independent Product Validation
Home of the "Independent Validation Program" since 2013
>600 validations performed by qualified Scientists around the world

Single Source for working on protein level

You may not know, that most of our products even existed. With more than 4 m products in our database, we likely have what you need: 90,000 targets, from >2000 species, for >300 applications. From that vast catalogue we are picking the best products out there to bring them to your attention.

Unmatched in richness of product information

To understand the fit of a product for your experiment and product quality you should aim to get the complete picture on available data. We are unmatched in richness of product information aggregated from multiple sources. We collect and share this data with you for you to understand why we recommend a certain product.

Ranks best products first based on available validation data

Across our website our product suggestions are based on available validation data only - we always show you the best products for your research need first.

More than 1 million application Images, references and customer generated reports

We have spent most of our "company life" to aggregate product data. A truely unique database of more than 1 million application Images, references and customer generated reports support our choice of products.

Easy to compare products due to Standardized Data

We standardize >50 data fields across our 250+ suppliers to enable searching, filtering and visually scanning products.

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